Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reading List: Beyond the Shadows

A week or so ago I "reviewed" the 2nd book in this series. As soon as I finished that one I jumped straight into this book, the conclusion to the series known as The Night Angel Trilogy. I highly recommend this series to anyone reading this. The first book is all right, the second starts slow but builds to a good leaving off point for the third to pick up and run with. The whole series is building up to the final battle that takes place in this book. Every little thing throughout the first two books conclude here. Its kinda like watching a speed painting and then realizing what it is seconds before the artist finishes. Like I stated in my review of the second book of this series, I wont ruin anything for any of you that might be interested in reading this series. All I can say is that Kylar learns more of his power and the history of his former master Durzo Blint. The nation of Cenaria is picking itself back up after all that has happened to it and the nations of the world in which this story takes place are coming together to take the fight to the oppressors. People die, monsters are raised and prophecy is fulfilled and almost all your questions are answered. And seriously, this book has an outstanding ending. I would like to see more authors follow Mr Weeks example. All I will say is if you re a fan of George R R Martin cause hes not afraid to kill off characters, then you will love this guy. I just hope that Mr Weeks has more books down the line and I dare hope that he expands this world even more.

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