Sunday, October 12, 2008

And I thought i was addicted..

You have to see this article. This guy has 36 seperate World of Warcraft accounts. 36! and at $15 a month, that adds up to a big chunk of change. He goes on to say that he plans on buying the nesxt expansion pack for all 36 accounts at approximately 15oo dollars. If it wasnt bad enough that he has that many, he plays them all at once, strung out on 11 different computers and he goes on raids all by himself! And to beat all, most of his characters are shamans, and anyone who plays knows what kind of damage 4 to 5 shamans can do with their spells linked, imagine about 30 all timed together, insane! Here's the website where the story is. It goes into more depth and also shows pics of his characters and his computer set-up.

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