Sunday, March 29, 2009

We need Monsters!

Yep, went and seen Monsters vs Aliens. Following the success of many animated movies the last few years such as The Incredibles, Madagascar and the yearly movie from Pixar, Monsters vs Aliens proves that an animated movie can appeal to both adults and children. This movie had great voice acting with the talents of Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen and even Stephen Colbert. It all starts out on the wedding day of Susan. While outside getting some air before she goes in to go through the ceremony, she is inexplicably hit by a meteorite. As a result she absorbs the strange energy that was pulsing through the meteorite and grows to an astounding 50 feet tall. This leads to her being captured by the government and placed into custody along with other monsters that the government has captured over the years, including The Missing Link, Dr Cockroach, Bob the gelatinous indestructible blob, and the enormous Insectosaurus. When an alien invades Earth trying to find the energy that was in that meteorite and now in Susan, he begins the attack to get it back. Monsters vs Aliens, is full of action, and is hilarious for both kids and adults. Bob the blob totally makes the movie and has the best monster origin story Ive ever heard. SO go and take your kids if you have any, but still go even if you don't, you ll enjoy this film. I give Monster vs Aliens a score on the Heath-meter of 8 out of 10.

Babe of the Week 3/29 - 4/04/09

The beautiful Sarah Chalke who can be seen regularly on the hit show Scrubs. She was also the second Becky on Roseanne and also starred along Jim Varney in the smash hit movie, Ernest goes to School.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Need to boost your magic level?

Then try a mana drink or health energy drink that can be found at I haven't myself tried one yet but that's going to change this weekend. Not only can you order them straight from the site but also at most local Hot Topic stores. They include a search engine on their page to help you find the closest retail place near you that sells them. Go check them out and live your RPG dreams everyday, every time that you need a boost. Besides they just look cool.

Rock the Vote

Just letting you guys know that this weekend is the end of the voting for the Streamy awards. The Streamy awards are an awards ceremony for web series. You can vote for best actor, best actress, best comedy series, best dramatic series and many others. Its also a good place to find links to many of the best web series on the Internet. Even if you don't vote you can also go check out something good to watch. Here's the link:

Reading List: Beyond the Shadows

A week or so ago I "reviewed" the 2nd book in this series. As soon as I finished that one I jumped straight into this book, the conclusion to the series known as The Night Angel Trilogy. I highly recommend this series to anyone reading this. The first book is all right, the second starts slow but builds to a good leaving off point for the third to pick up and run with. The whole series is building up to the final battle that takes place in this book. Every little thing throughout the first two books conclude here. Its kinda like watching a speed painting and then realizing what it is seconds before the artist finishes. Like I stated in my review of the second book of this series, I wont ruin anything for any of you that might be interested in reading this series. All I can say is that Kylar learns more of his power and the history of his former master Durzo Blint. The nation of Cenaria is picking itself back up after all that has happened to it and the nations of the world in which this story takes place are coming together to take the fight to the oppressors. People die, monsters are raised and prophecy is fulfilled and almost all your questions are answered. And seriously, this book has an outstanding ending. I would like to see more authors follow Mr Weeks example. All I will say is if you re a fan of George R R Martin cause hes not afraid to kill off characters, then you will love this guy. I just hope that Mr Weeks has more books down the line and I dare hope that he expands this world even more.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I cant believe it! After 4 freaking years of delays, rewrites, and dismissal from local theaters, I have now seen Fanboys. I had pretty much given up all hope of seeing this movie until I found an illegal bootleg at some comic convention in the near future. A buddy of mine called me up and let me know that the Carmike in my area was showing this film this weekend. Not taking any chances, we decided to go see it, knowing my luck this will probably be the only weekend its here and judging from the audience that payed to see it, I don't doubt it one bit. Fanboys is the story of a group of childhood friends in 1998 that surprisingly all love Star Wars. 3 years after a falling out, Eric who has "grown up" finds out that former best friend Linus has terminal cancer and has about 3 or 4o months to live. With Star Wars episode one still 6 months away, the friends decide to find a way for Linus to see the movie before he dies. The plan to drive cross country to the Skywalker Ranch and steal a copy of the film. What follows is the usual Hollywood flair about young guys on a road trip. After crazy hi jinks with a gay bar, crazy pimps in Las Vegas and the nerdiest Star Trek fans on the planet Earth, the finally make their way to the Ranch to place their names in destiny. Featuring recognizable young talent such as Sam Huntington, Dan Fogle from Balls of Fury, Seth Rogan in two of the best roles in the film and Kristen Bell. There are also cameos by Jay and Silent Bob, Carrie Fisher, Ray Parks, and Ethan Suplee. This movie is pure geek greatness to anyone that may love fictional characters just a bit too much. I'm just glad I was able to finally see it in a theater, even if it was one as bad as the local Carmike. I give Fanboys a score on the Heath-meter of 8 out of 10.

Reading List: Shadow's Edge

One of the coolest looking book covers ever in my opinion. I admit is was the very similar artwork on the first book that caught my interest in the first place. Shadow's Edge is the 2nd book of the Night Angle trilogy by Brent Weeks. This is also a pretty hard book to find nowadays. I spent several weeks scouring the bookstores of whatever town I happened to be in trying to locate this book. This book continues the story of Kylar, former city rat (thief) who was trained to be a wetboy (think magic assassin) by the city's greatest wetboy, Durzo Blint. I wont go into detail because I don't want to ruin anything for those of you who might want to check these books out one day. The first book in this series was mainly about Kylar or Azoth as he was called in that book, learning and accepting the fate that he chose for himself. This book has Kylar fighting that fate, trying to decide what he wants in life. All the while, his freinds are at war in the now war torn country of Cenaria and he has to choose whether to accept his role in things or to throw it all away for a simpler life. This series so far has not let me down. There have been some plot points that I wish had been avoided but they have yet to ruin the story for me. There are some very interesting parts of the story yet to be revealed. One thing Mr Weeks does right are his twists. I can mostly guess where the story is headed but I have been continually surprised at several points throughout the first two books. Overall its a decent book, I liked the first one better and I hope the third one is just as good.

Babe of the Week 3/22- 3/28/09

The beautiful Minka Kelly who can be currently seen on NBC's Friday Night Lights.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reading List: Small Favor

There are good things and bad things about getting into a book series. Continuation of favorite characters, being able to immerse yourself into a world on multiple occasions. There is also the wait between novels, sometimes up to a year at a time. Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series is one of my favorite series. When the next one comes out, it is one of my favorite days. Small Favor is the 10th book in the series and there is no sign of it stopping anytime soon. Small Favor returns Harry Dresden, Chicago's only Wizard to be found in the phonebook against old enemies. He is dropped into the middle of a situation involving both of the courts of the Sidhe and trying to find an abducted crime boss that leads to major concerns for the White Council and humanity as we know it. Jim Butcher has a tremendous hold on his world and he writes supernatural better than most of today's authors. Harry is one of today's best characters in fiction, being able to juggle life threatening occurrences without losing what makes him human. If you like detective novels with a side of magic and supernatural monsters, then Dresden Files was made just for you. Hopefully it will not be such a long time until the next book in the series is released.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Team Fotress 2

Anyone who knows me, knows that first person shooters are just not my kinda game. But ever since I first saw the commercials for Half Life 2 for X-Box 360 that includes the games Portal and Team Fortress 2, my interest was piqued. I have always liked games that leaned more toward cartoony graphics instead of making everything life like. I think that's one reason I may not be able to get into games like Call of Duty that much. A stupid reason I know, but that's who I am. Anyways, I finally purchased this game tonight after my very unsuccessful attempts to locate a drafting table (seriously, if you know someone who has one, let me know). In Team Fortress 2, you choose 1 of 9 different characters to play as, and you can switch on the fly if you want to, and you fight online in matches against other players. I haven't played it too much but what I did play of it, I loved. Its very fast paced and the graphics and sound quality is fantastic. The controls are easy and the voice chat is crystal clear. The only thing that bothered me about the game is that it does have some loading time here and there, and if your team loses a match, you sit and watch while another team takes your place for the next round. But its fun and that's what counts. I guess I wont be wasting all my free time in the future on World of Warcraft, some of it will be on Team Fortress 2.

A nice surprise

Sometimes in life you are pleasantly surprised. I wasn't all too hyped over this film, heck I had even put it out of mind as to going see it. I was planning to go see Street Fighter but due to the hick town mentality that the theaters in my area suffer from, I was unable to do so. However, since I had heard of this movie and knew that the 2 main characters (pictured above) are both part of one of my favorite comedy groups, The Whitest Kids u Know, I decided to go see it. My expectations held true. This movie while granted the premise is pure Hollywood cliche, is pretty funny. There are a few jokes that fall flat, but most work and the one thing I loved that's been missing from recent comedies is that the jokes keep setting up for future story points. No joke it seems is a one and done. The story revolves around two life long buddies, Abstinence minded Eugene who is in love with his high school sweetheart and Tucker, who is addicted to playboy magazines and tries to emulate that lifestyle in his own life. Eugene promises his girlfriend that he will finally be ready to have sex on their prom night. Just when the moment is to happen he instead of going upstairs to be with her ends up getting wasted with Tucker, falling down a flight of stairs and ends up in a coma for 4 years. When he wakes up he comes to find that his girlfriend is now playboy model and he and Tucker roll out to find her. A lot of things on the way go horribly crazy, including Eugene's atrophy, foul named rappers, revenge driven Firemen, Russian lesbians and of course if you have seen the trailer, a girl getting thrown out of a moving bus. Definitely cliche driven but clever and funny enough to be a good movie. I give Miss March, on the Heath-scale, a score of 7 out of 10.

Babe of the Week 03/15 - 03/21/09

Lucy Pinder. Not sure how she got "famous". I haven't seen or heard of any movies she may have been in and right now I'm too lazy to look her up on All I know is that she's hot and that she's British.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Reading List: The Name of the Wind

Very good books are hard to find anymore. For every decent book I have found or been told about. there are like dozens of crappy, cringe worthy novels that just overpower the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section at my local bookstore. A friend of mine heard about this book and after hearing his views on it, I decided to try it out for myself. The Name of the Wind is easily one of the best fantasy books that have come out in recent years. It tells the story of Kvothe(pronounced "Quoth") as told by himself to a "Chronicler" who finds him hiding in normalcy as a tavern owner. The story switches between Kvothe's story of how he became the legend that is alluded to and the very strange happenings that have occurred as of late in the town where his tavern is located. At first I thought that I would not be able to get into it, but after the first several chapters, I got hooked. The "now" part of the story remains mysterious and reveals small hints on things to come, while the "then" part shows just how some of the legend myths are misconstrued and merely rumor instead of basic truth. This shows our hero Kvothe is both very powerful and vulnerable at the same time, a thing that is heads above most characters in the fantasy genre. The Name of the Wind is a great coming of age story mixed with mystery. I for one cant wait for the next in the series.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Knoxville experience

Its not often I get to go out of town, even if it is just a few hours down the road. A couple of buddies and myself planned a while back to go to Knoxville for the day yesterday. Mainly to go see Watchmen in the IMAX theater down there. I had never before had the IMAX experience and it is something I have been looking forward to for quite a while. We had almost went down to see The Dark Knight last summer but gas prices being what they were, it was just a little too much. Anyway, I got to say that I am ruined on going to the theater up here in good old Johnson City. IMAX is awesome. When you walk in and see that screen it just amazes you. I guessed it was like 48 feet high by 60 feet wide and I was confirmed on the width by the promo announcer before the previews started. I don't know if every IMAX theater is like this, but the one in Knoxville has attendees stationed inside that will take your order and go get you drinks or snacks or whatever and bring it to you at your seat. It was crazy and I cant wait to go back and see another movie in IMAX. Right now the plan is to see the new Star Trek movie down there when it comes out. A very strange thing happened while we were in line to go in. We arrived at the theater about an hour before the movie was slated to start. A line had already formed with one row of people already in and a second row forming. My friends and I got in line in the 2nd row and the row was shut off right behind us so that they could start a third row. Now, there had to be some kind a transporter or something hidden in line in front of us or something. In that hour that we stood in line for the movie, we moved from being against the cutoff at the end of our row to the middle almost front half of the line. The weird part is that NO ONE was being allowed in yet. The lines were not moving! How half of our line disappeared is beyond me. We spent much of the time in line trying to figure out how the people in front of us kept going missing. Anyways, it was a good trip. We got to eat at TGIF which is like the only big name restaurant that doesn't have a location in Johnson City and we spent some time probably one of the best used book and cd stores in the southern region. We Also stopped at a beef jerky outlet on the way down, where I was able to purchase some reindeer jerky and a jar of moonshine jelly. I haven't tried it yet but ill let ya know what its like.

Who watches the Watchmen?

This is a day that I thought would never arrive. I never imagined I would gaze my eyes on the day that I could see this story in a film format. Like many, the original graphic novel to me is one of the best stories period in any format. I have been looking forward to seeing this movie ever since we were first treated to a trailer for it at The Dark Knight. I was also kinda dreading it. I was worried about what the changes would be from the graphic novel to the big screen. Would these changes destroy the original message of the book?

I am very happy to say that the movie version of Watchmen stayed true to the comic. There are some changes, many insignificant and a few very significant and one really monstrous change at the end. In spite of these changes, the story plays out just as well. The message stays the same. What is it worth to get what we need, or want? This message is played out through the movie in the lives of the 6 main characters that the story revolves around and the human race in general. Are we able to sacrifice what is necessary to achieve the greater good? The story also remains in the "gray" area on the subject leaving it up to the viewers, in this case, to decide for themselves.

The story takes place in 1985 in a world where vigilante heroism is outlawed. The apparent murder of former hero The Comedian, begins an investigation that leads to an ultimate climax where our world is in the balance. We see the story unfold through the eyes of 6 heroes, how there lives have been affected by the world around them and what they hope to accomplish. The tale ends with the question of sacrifice and what we do in the face of compromise.

Everyone associated with this movie did tremendous work. Director Zach Snyder really captured the feel of the story. Ive got to give Kudos to all the actors. Malin Akerman, Billy Crudup, Patrick Wilson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Matthew Goode. The top honor goes to Jackie Earl Haley who seemed to be tailor made for the role of sociopath hero Rorschach. No other actor on Earth could have performed that role better.

Watchmen is easily the best "superhero" movie ever. And I use the term "superhero movie" very lightly. It is a very deep, philosophical story that really makes you think and question yourself as well as the characters in the story and their decisions. There are a few things that you should know if you haven't seen this film yet. This movie is R rated. IT has many scenes of intense violence, mature themes, and very provocative sex and nudity, and by nudity I mean both female and male nudity. This is definitely not a kids film. Not all comic based films are for kids. Anyways, I give Watchmen a score on the Heath-meter of 10 out of 10.

Babe of the Week 3/08/ - 3/14/09

The gorgeous Malin Akerman who can be currently seen in the movie Watchmen, now in theaters. She also was featured in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle as Freakshow's wife.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reading List: A Fortress in Shadow

I actually finished this book last week, I just haven't really spent any time on here so Ive not yet posted my review. This was a prequel of sorts to the first trilogy in Chronicles of the Dread Empire by Glen Cook. This collection collects 2 books that go into the origins of the friendships between and help play out events that lead up to the story in the first 3 books. These books tell the story of the El Murid Wars that first brought together Haroun, Bragi and Mocker. While I'm a big fan of Glen Cook, the first 3 books in this series didn't really grab my fanaticism like his other series the Black Company did. This collection helped bring me there for this series. While his first trilogy seemed like it was too big for him, he easily sidesteps that problem in these by keeping the focus on the main 3 characters instead of hopping all over the world and time periods. IT is really apparent that he learned a lot from his previous work and brought that experience to these books. These books continue the tradition of Glen Cook's work, a very realistic look at high fantasy warfare that while epic in scope keeps it down to Earth and really explores the people involved and not necessarily the events around them. I highly recommend this entire series to anyone.

America's Best Dance Crew Finale tonight

Down to the last two, Beat Freaks or Quest Crew. Be sure to check it out on MTV. Probably the only good show that is on MTV. Definitely the only good reality program they have. They need to bring back the music.

You know, you learn something new everyday

Ive got to say that if you need to go to Walmart, the best time is like between 2am and 6am. There are no crowds, barely any people in the whole store. You can park right up at the door, and you don't even have to wait in line to check out. I just got back a lil bit ago from such a trip and it was very insightful. I learned that you can purchase Mardi Gras beads at Walmart. The very same beads you can in turn give to a young lady so that she will show you her ta-tas. For such an uptight organization that wont even sell uncensored music, you think that this would be something that they wouldn't sell. Oh well, guess you cant buy an album that has cuss words but you can buy boobie beads. Who knew? I sure didn't.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Babe of the Week 03/01 - 03/07/09

The beautiful Jessica Chobot, who is a contributing reporter for IGN on the net.