Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So whats up

Ive been off work these last two weeks, you would have thought that I would actually get more work done on this thing. Unfortunately Ive been under the weather a bit and not really in the "bloggin" mood. Ive really done nothing anyways. Had a good christmas, got some clothes some money. I havent been to any movies at all with really nothing out worth watching anyways. My pal Jeff got me and another buddy into playing Yu Gi Oh. Yea I know its like a kids show on TV but the game is pretty fun. Gets a lil frustrating sometimes but thats all a part of the game. My Titans are in the playoffs with a first round bye and hopefully when they make the SUper Bowl this time they dont end up falling a yard short. Now time for me to find some freakin medicine to get rid of this crap thats buggin me. Wish me luck!

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