Monday, January 19, 2009


Woot! The Arizona Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl! I never in my life thought id see the day. Now with if they win and the Red Sox winning the World Series, alls that left is hopefully seeing the Cubs Make it to the series. After Tennessee fel last week, I threw my hat in the with the Cards, and Im hoping two weeks from today we will be watching them celebrate the NFL Championship! Also, Im glad that the Steelers made it as well, mainly because I cant stand the Ravens. If they win, it will pu them at the top of the list of teams that have won the Super Bowl the most with 6 wins. So lets go Cards, just one more game!

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Atomik! said...

Hella Yeah Go Cards! Even a Red Sox mention! Biggest Cinderfella in a Super Bowl ever! Have a great weekend Heath!