Friday, February 6, 2009

Im starting to get pissed off

Ok, How many of you have heard of the movie Fanboys? It was first slated for realease in theaters like 3 years ago. At first it was just being delayed, which Im ok with. THen it was delayed again, Ok fine, and then delayed to further notice. At one time it was slated to come out straight to DVD, which would have been fine, we could have at least seen it. So after 3 years of this crap, it has finally been released. Now heres the part that gets me, No theater in my area is showing it. I cant find one within 5 hours of a drive thats showing it. WHAT THE $#*& MAN??
A movie is finally released and nobody is showing it?? Im going to have to end up pirating this freakin movie and watching it that way, because they apparently dont want my money so they should be ok with it. Right now, Im not sure if I would even want to watch it anymore, it just keeps aggravating me. Just like the Fox and the grapes man, thats all it is.

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