Monday, February 23, 2009

Pure awesomeness

100% pure awesomeness indeed. This movie was released last week straight to DVD, which is a shame because I bet that this movie, while winning no attendance contests, would definitely draw enough money to justify it opening in a theatre. Like most projects that feature Bruce Campbell, this movie is pure gold. Its also a really bad movie but it is a blast to watch. While most "B" movies fall apart right after the explanation is given to the whys of the plot, this movie really shines. Its low budget, it amkes fun of itself and has many laugh out loud moments. It even starts with 2 guys singing a folk country song about a chinese demon, how can that not be awesome. The movie begins when Jeff, uber Bruce Campbell fan and his friends enjoy a night out at the local ancinet chinese graveyard located in the samll town of Goldlick. Jeff unwittingly releases an ancinet chinese god of war loose from his resting place, a mine that collapsed and killed over 100 migrant workers. Quan Di, the ancient chinese god of war and patron saint of bean curde arises and swiftly starts a killing spree in the town. Jeff turns to the only man he can think of that could help in this kind of situation, "B" movie actor extraordinaire, Bruce Campbell. Of course this makes sense to everyone in the town and they welcome him with open arms to lead them against the evil menace. Bruce Campbell does a great job acting, playing himself as a cowardly asshole. How close this movie version of Bruce is to the real thing one wonders. This movei was great fun, and anyone who is remotely a fan of Mr. Campbell will love this film. Its no Bubba Hotep but hey nothing is. I give My Name is Bruce a score on the Heath-meter of 9 out of 10.

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