Friday, April 10, 2009

Reading List: Nobody gets the Girl

By James Maxey. The third of the four superhero novels I recently bought off eBay and so far the only one that failed to live up to my expectations. There are really only two things about this novel I liked. First though let me give you guys a rundown. Richard is an office worker who, on the side, moonlights as a club comedian. He wakes up one morning with everything changed. His house is different, his wife is nowhere to be found, there are strange people living in his house and no one can see him. After the revelation that he is now an invisible man, He is recruited by the world's top most scientist, Dr Know, to be a spy against his enemies. Richard takes the name Nobody and joins with Dr Know's daughters who happen to be superheroes and fights with them against the evil Rex Monday, an evil terrorist who with his own team of super humans try to sow chaos and destruction. Richard or Nobody has simply the best Invisible man origin ever conceived. His origin is very original and surprising. That and the origin of superheroes in their world are really the only high points for me for the entire book. Richard has no characterization and cant seem to decide what he believes. Pretty much the entire book is nothing but contrived point to contrived point trying to connect the beginning to the end with nothing but crap and adolescent fantasy. It all wraps up to the most obvious twists or surprise ending ever. It seems to me that Mr Maxey had great ideas but failed to wrap a story around them. Nobody gets the girl is worth reading for the origin stories alone and that's it. That or talking a friend to read it and then convince him to tell you what happened.

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