Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good news and some bad news

Once again the people of this world fail me. The Middleman was a series that debuted on ABC Family last year and ran for 12 episodes. IT was zany, fun, action packed and just chock full of geeky awesomeness and nerd culture references. Unfortunately, it did not garnish the ratings that ABC Family apparently thought it should achieve so it was inevitably cancelled. That makes 2 shows in the last 2 years that I started to follow only to have them yanked from my viewing pleasure. The other being NBC's Kings which mysteriously disappeared from airwaves earlier this year. Anyway the point of this blog is to state that The Middleman will be released on DVD as the entire series on July 28. Maybe if I'm lucky enough people will buy it and maybe save it from television limbo and bring it back on the air. So go tell everyone you know to check it out. My fingers are crossed.

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