Sunday, May 10, 2009

Live Long and Prosper

For the second time this year, I along with a friend made the trip to Knoxville to see a movie in an IMAX theater. While the trip didn't go as well as one could hope, (more on that at another time) The movie like the last one we came to see in IMAX definitely delivered. I had some high hopes for this film and I wasn't disappointed at all. Star Trek leapt beyond every expectation I had for the film. Not only does it relivened a franchise that has been on its dying legs for many years now, it ties this movie into the original series' as well. The special effects are out of this world, no pun intended. The new actors brought in to play the roles of the original cast all perform spectacularly. The story is spot on, there is nothing I can even think of that is negative about this film. For the first time in my life I consider myself more a Star Trek fan than a Star Wars fan. That's something I thought would never happen, something I couldn't even fathom happening. I don't even see hos Original fans can see anything wrong with this film. In short, This was the perfect way to recharge this franchise. It doesn't take anything away from the original series or its followups and adds a new story at the same time. A story that can be appreciated by both long time hardcore fans and new fans who might go back and become fans of the first series as well. I highly, HIGHLY, encourage anyone reading this to go see this movie if you have not yet. I give Star Trek a score on the Heath-meter of 10 out of 10.

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