Monday, May 18, 2009

Reading List: Latro in the Mist

This is actually a collection of two novels by Gene Wolfe that tell the story of a Roman soldier. A few years after the battle at the Hot Gates (the battle from 300) A man named Latro was terribly wounded in battle. His head injury causes him to forget everything the next day. Also as a side effect of his head injury, Latro now has the ability to see the gods and goddesses of myth. He travels facing adversity along with several friends as they try to help Latro find a way to restore his memory. I loved this book (or these books). The story flows perfectly and just the way it goes is simply amazing. The characterization is very detailed and especially Latro's show a lot of depth. Just the fact that Latro's perspective of different characters change everyday for he cannot remember them is incredible. The only thing that I can say is that the whole myth thing while it does have points in the book that help the story, it is mainly understated. The story starts to evolve more into Latro and his ever renewing blank slate and his interactions than his remarkable ability. It gets a little hard to read time to time but never enough to take someone out of the story. I recommend this book very highly.

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