Sunday, June 28, 2009

Heath List: Transformers

Here is yet another Heath list. This one lists my top 5 favorite Transformers. Most of my knowledge comes from the movies, both the live action ones and the animated on that came out decades ago. I never really watched any of the cartoons, played with any of the toys or even read the comics. Let me know what you guys think.

5) Soundwave, I know in the comic he was a boombox that had cassette tapes that transformed into different robots, but in the new movies he becomes a satellite in space.

4) Optimus Prime, he did always have a classic look, and his original voice actor is playing him still today in the new movies.

3) Star Scream, mainly because in the original cartoon, his voice was the same as Cobra Commander's

2) Galvatron, in the animated movie, Megatron becomes Galvatron who was bad ass. He also transformed into a cannon, which in my opinion is always better than the pistol that Megatron changed into.

1) Ravage, he was originally a cassette tape that changed into a panther. In the new movie, he is a something that changes into a panther like robot, He is still cool and in the movie, he packs the firepower.

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