Sunday, June 7, 2009

Memories of my childhood are no longer lost.

Will Ferrell stars in this remake of the 1970s children's show also titled The Land of the Lost. I loved watching the show when I was younger and even still more recently when SciFi featured a marathon of it all day, showing all 3 seasons. What was once fond memories of adventure and peril mixed with mind blowing visuals that no show could equal became a laughable surprisingly dark show with possibly the worst special effects to ever be utilized on television. Just as I became reacquainted with this show, I have now been treated to a movie adaptation. While there are scenes and dialogue thrown in for hard core fans of the original series, the movie take quite a few liberties with the story and the characters. Will and Holly, once the children of Dr Rick Marshall now are a redneck fireworks vendor and a lab assistant to the fumbling Dr Marshall. I wont go into any further detail about some of the others because I don't want to ruin any part of the movie for those of you who might go out and see this soon. Most of the characters do make an appearance at least once throughout the movie including Enik the Altrusion, Cha-ka, and especially Grump the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Now for those of you who might unfamiliar with the story of either the show or this new movie, let me give a quick run thru. Dr Rick Marshall and now assistant and guide inadvertently open a time portal to another dimension which features elements of different time periods and mysterious artifacts. Home to the veritable land of the lost are dinosaurs, a lizard like humanoid race called the Sleestak, a hybrid human/chimp race and many other mysterious forms of life. Our lovable castaways must survive while exploring this strange new land while all the while trying to find a way back home. I highly recommend anyone to watch at least a few episodes of the old show just so that some of the stuff in the movie will not just fly over your head. Now as far as the movie goes, Will Ferrell basically plays the same character he has played in almost every movie he has been in. he runs around sprouting catchphrases and random insanity while acting like a jackass. Playing Will is the seemingly omnipresent Danny McBride who plays the same character he plays in every movie he has been in. Joining the cast as the now grown up Holly as opposed to the young preteen of the TV show is the incredibly sexy Anna Friel. Besides the name and basic story plot and scenarios, this is nothing like the show. The show was aimed primarily at kids while this movie easily earns its PG-13 rating and barely escapes a R rating in my opinion. There is cussing, sexual language and Anna Friel gets felt up by almost every other cast member. It definitely fits with the Will Ferrell established fanbase. I liked this movie pretty well but I still enjoy the show more. I give Land of the Lost a score on the Heath-meter of 8 out of 10.

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