Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wow, nothing funny like sacrilege

I have to say, I wasn't all too hyped to see Year One. I thought it would be funny but I could give or take seeing it. I expected to see something that would make me laugh in what was being called the movie about the world's first road trip. Well, I did laugh a few times, but those times were few and far between the moments where I cringed at the amount of time spent making fun of Christianity, Judaism and basic good taste. Now, I'm not a hardcore christian or even devoutly religious, i was however raised in church and I still have a very healthy respect for God. Ive watched other movies that people have said makes them uncomfortable such as Dogma and I saw no problem. This movie however made me feel like I was going to be struck by lightning for watching it. Instead of being the world's oldest road trip, this movie could basically be called The Bible: The gross out joke edition. It starts out in a village of primitive humans. Zed (jack Black) a hunter who is very inept gets kicked out of the village for eating the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. His friend Oh (Michale Cera) decides to leave with him. On their journey they meet Cain and Abel, Adam and Eve and their family including Seth who is nothing but a 5 minute fart joke. They also manage to meet Abraham and Isaac which leads to many unfunny jokes about circumcision and other basic Jewish tradition. They end up in Sodom which the movie tries to play out like Vegas, even though in the Bible, it was destroyed by fire from heaven for being such an evil place, which they also poke fun at in this movie. All together, I felt wrong for watching this film. Even if there was significantly less sacrilege, I would still not like it because its not really that funny. jack Black plays the same spazzed out character he plays in almost every movie he's ever been in. The only good thing about this entire movie is Olivia Wilde who is pretty hot. So if you re headed to the movies to see something funny, go see The Hangover or Land of the Lost, just forget Year One. I give Year One a score on the Heath-meter of 2 out of 10.

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