Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chievo Verona lost today

I pull for quite a few soccer teams in different leagues throughout Europe. The team I pull for in Italy's Serie A League is Chievo Verona. Mainly because their mascot name. Now most teams have names like Titans, Warriors or some kind of animal like the Colts or Bengals even. Cheivo got their name from their rival cross town team. The team, Hellas Verona claimed the Chievo stole thier colors, fans and stadium even. Hellas fans began to say that Donkeys would fly before Chievo made it up to the top league. When that moment finally came, Chievo adopted the once derogatory name and now claim it as their own as well. So there you have it , the Chievo Verona Flying Donkeys. Dont believe me, look it up at . They happened to lose today to Catatonia 1-0.

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