Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New on DVD 9/30/08

Today one of the best movies that has come out this year is now available on DVD. When Iron Man was first intorduced as a possible film, I had zero expectations for it to be any good. As a comic fan, I could not imagine how a character with his kind of story or appeal could capture the attention of a mainstream movie audience. Of course, I was proven wrong and not only did Iron Man prove to be among the best comic inspired movies but a great movie alltogether. If you havent seen it, I highly recommend that you go pick this up. Also slotted for release today is the Judd Apatow movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which I hav yet to see. A classic teen movie Cant Hardly Wait which helped put Seth Green on the map is being released in a 10 year anniversary special edition DVD and the horrible stink that was Beauty and The Beast the live action complete series. If you want to keep track of what's new in DVDs every tuesday you can always check out here for my two cents on what I think is worth watching or you can check out http://www.comingsoon.net/dvd/ for complete lists.

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