Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday in the world of sports!

Not a very good day for me sports wise. Tennessee of course lost but at least made a game of it. We probably could have won if we can somehow learn not to give them the ball all the freaking time. Auburn ended up beating us 14 - 12, giving us a record of 1 win and 3 losses. With Georgia coming up next week probably mad as heck at losing to Alabama today, I don't see any UT victories anytime soon. Now, another one of my favorite sports is Soccer. Football to the rest of the world. The team I pull for the most is Arsenal in England's Premiership league. They lost today as well to Hull City in what the media is calling one of the greatest upsets in the world of soccer. Another England team I pull for is Blackpool in England's Championship league, which is the league below the Premiership. They tied today against Coventry City, which is better than losing but a win would have been nice. The one victory I can celebrate today is the win over Aberdeen by my team Celtic in the Scottish Premier League. Hopefully tomorrow can yield better results as my Tennessee Titans try to improve to 4 and 0 against Minnesota and my Italian soccer team, Chievo Verona takes on Catania. Keep your fingers crossed!

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