Monday, October 27, 2008

Now going 0 for 2

Second week in a row and I see yet another lackluster film. At least this time I went in with little or no expectations for this movie to be anything extraordinary. Based on the video game of the same name, Max Payne besides being the name of the film is also the name of the main character played by Mark Wahlberg. A once happy detective now spends his time in the Cold Case Files dept of the police force endlessly trying to find the guy that killed his wife and kid. The game is famous for intense action, slow motion effects and a film noirish atmosphere. The movie however, features intense action, slow motion effects and norse mythology mixed with drug trafficking, wooden action and predictability. Joining Mark Wahlberg in this high action thrill ride are That 70's Show actress Mila Kunis and in his first major film appearance in probably 15 years (or so, I have no idea??) Beau Bridges. I myself have never played the game so I cant tell you how far off the movie story is compared to that, but I can tell you the story for the film is ridiculous. It is very easy to predict and the characters have an uncanny ability to show up at places for no reason other than to further along the plot. All in all, If you want a movie that makes you think, pass this by. If you want to see some pretty good gunfights and stuff blowing up and evil looking angels flying around with the skies on fire, then buckle up kiddo, youre going on a ride. Not a great film, just another future DVD for the 5.99 bin at wal-mart. Max Payne scores on the Heath-scale a score of 5 out of 10.

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