Thursday, October 23, 2008

Woot! And the Brat is gone!

Finally one of my favorite events of the year happened on Tuesday and that was the ousting of Phil Hellmuth from the World Series of Poker. Nicknamed the Poker Brat, if youre not familiar with him, all he does is talk himself up like hes the best player ever and whines continuously when he loses. He is especially aggravating when hes beaten by what he calls bad poker, going as far as calling other players idiots and walking away from the table. He made a pretty good run this year in the World Series, making into the final 70 or so. Now even though I watch every year, my enthusiasm died after my favorite player Daniel Negreanu was eliminated. All I had to look forward to was Mr. Hellmuth's eventual elimination. Now with that out of the way, it doesnt matter to me who wins.

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