Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The best of times and the worst of times

Two of my favorite movies of all time. One is finally getting the sequel it deserved years ago and one is about to be detroyed by hollywood. A while back I found out that shooting had finally started on the long awaited sequel to The Boondock Saints. Everybody from the original are coming back with the exception of Willem Defoe. Hopefully, this sequel will be as good as the first.
The Crow is my all time favorite movie and has been since I was like 15. I used to watch this film at least once a month but now I watch it every now and again and every night before Halloween. Unlike Boondock Saints, The Crow has had many sequels and none of them have captured the true feel of the first. Every one has been more dissapointing than the one before and the last one was down right atrocious. Now word is leaking out all over the net that a remake is coming! WTH! A remake?? I can understand remaking older movies and reinventing them for a new audience such as The Day the Earth Stood Still, but the Crow just came out in the 90s. And it is an awesome movie to boot, why in the green spangled mountains of hell would they remake this movie? Most of the sequels have been rehashes of the original story anyway, why not just make another one and fail like all of its predecessors? Why try and ruin the original like this? Better yet, the director they picked out, the guy that directed League of Extraordianry Gentlemen. Thats the guy I want to make this travesty. That guy wouldnt know a good movie if it knifed him in the alley and stole his wallet only to find nothing but lint and crap stains. WTH are these people thinking. This genius says he wants to shoot it documentary style! Yea thats what we need. Someone needs to go to hollywood and kick this guys head out of his ass. Heres a link to the story that I found by accident on a message board.,

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