Sunday, December 14, 2008

Critics are not always right.

One thing I cant understand is that when people start getting paid to do something, no matter how much they like it, they all start taking the fun out of that activity. Critics amaze me sometimes. Everything that ive heard about this movie was negative. Every critic I read all stated how bad the story was, the characterization was off and many other flaws as well. They all act like they are all conniseurs and love art house flicks and moves that honestly bore the living crap out of me. What happened to watching movies for fun? I saw this film last night an d I admit I have not seen the original so maybe that does influence my decision a bit. I liked it. I thought that the story was sound and they could not have found a better person to play an alien then stoneface Keanu Reeves. Jennifer Connelly did a great job playing the scientist that helps Reeves' character Klaatu understand the true nature of humanity. This wasnt the best thing Ive ever seen, but also far from the worst as most of these critics would have you beleive. There were a few things out of place and parts of the story that seemed a lil too much but they are not enough to take you out of the movie. I give The Day the Earth Stood Still a score on the Heath-meter of 7 out of 10.

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