Sunday, January 18, 2009

Apparently I have Alt-itis

Alt-itis, a condition that plagues a many of MMORPG'er. A few gaming terms for those of you that are not "in the know", The character that you play with the most on any given Massively Multi-Player Role Playing Game is refered to as your "main". Most people use their first character that they started or the one they are online with the greater part of the time. Most people also start other characters along with their mains to play with when bored or burned out wiht that character. These other characters, are referred to as "alts". A player that uses a lot of alts is said to have Alt-itis. Posted above this way too long diatribe of explanation that I could have said with only a few sentences are pics of 5 of my characters including my Main. I also have 5 other characters, 2 of which are used only as "bank" characters which are mainly kept in the main cities and used to hold money and transport materials between characters. The other 3 are all low level and dont really share mauch playing time at all and will probably be deleted sometime whenever I feel like it. I was accused of this condition by some friends after finding out just how many characters I played with. But thats ok I like have a choice on what kind of game i feel like playing at any certain time. Heres a crazy pic for you that shows just how crazy World of Warcraft has been getting and why Im still hopelessly hooked.

Yes thats me flying an airplane in a fantasy RPG and I know, Awesome!

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