Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reading List: Hammer of God

Hi guys, just finished Hammer of God by Karen Miller. Its the third and final chapter in her Godspeaker trilogy. Overall, it was a pretty good series. Well thought out and very different than your run of the mill fantasy. One thing I loved about this series is the definite existence of a god. While many books prelude to higher power it is refreshing to see a book where not only a god is a major part but an active participant. Not a major character mind you but a definite plot device. There are only a few flaws that jump at you during reading, one of which is the reoccurance fo the same situation again and again. Its like not only are you told subtly but hit over the head repeatedly until you die then she moves to your family and starts hitting them. The other is her character depth. Dont get me wrong, she features great characters who are very diversified and original, but they only go so far until its the same story as the first flaw. One thing I cant praise enough is her pacing. While, like I said above, it seems to be repetitive, but when the story reaches its inevitable climax, it really shines. In this series as well as her previous works, Ive rarely felt as excited as I do when all the loose ends are tying up to finish a great story. I would highly recommend this and her other books to any and all.

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