Sunday, January 11, 2009


Now before I get started here, just let me say that Im not usually one to find people to blame for things going bad. Tennessee lost today and they sure didnt help themselves. I mean when it comes down to it, Tennessee could have done some things a lot better. They were penalized like 13 times. At least 5 of those were for offsides which is insane. A lack of proper execution really hurt us in the long run. Now with that out of the way, the main thing that beat us besides ourselves was one freakin blown no call by the refs. On their last drive, at one play Baltimore hiked the ball at least TWO seconds past the end of the play clock! Should have been a delay of game penalty that would have cost them 5 yards. Not only was it NOT called, the play that was peformed set Baltimore up so they could get in position for their field goal attempt. If the foul had been called, who knows what could have happened. Baltimore could have went ahead and connected on the next pass and we could have lost just the same, but I would know for sure that it was us that lost it, not a fluke blown call by some blind refs that pay no attention to whats going on in the game. Apparently where ever the refs were from, they no longer abide by the rules and only quit playing when everybody's tired. All in all, its nothing but a bunch of crap. Hopefully, whoever Baltimore has to play next whips them good and knocks em out and hopefully whoever that is wont have to play against the refs too.

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