Friday, January 9, 2009

Woot! Finally!

FInally feeling better. Ive been sick since Christmas with a sore throat and swelling and sinus pressure. It got so bad that I actually went to the doc and if you know me pretty well, you know im not one for going to the doc unless I really have to. Ive been gettin better the plast week or so but today is the first that Ive went without meds or gargling salt water like the doc told me to and I still feel great. Just want to throw a congrats out to the University of Florida. They again proved the dominance of the SEC by winning the National Championship last night over Oklahoma 24 - 14. 3rd year in a row for the SEC and the end is nowhere in sight. Last night was also the only night I ever pull for Florida too, so I am kinda glad thats over and I can go back to hating them with a passion like I do the rest of the time. It is cool to see A SEC team win again, no I just hope that Tennessee can get back to their glory and be the ones winning the title. Now with college over with, I can put all my power into cheering for the Titans as they get ready for the play offs this weekend against Baltimore.

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