Sunday, February 15, 2009

Soon to be in the NBA Hall of Fame.....

Chris Mullin! Hopefully anyway. He definitely should be in my honest opinion. My all time absolute favorite ball player growing up. He is easily one of the best all time shooters in NBA history. He was a featured member of the original Dream Team that won gold in Barcelona. He was also voted as one of the 50 greatest players of all time in the NBA. Its just sad that Golden State could never get it worked out to win a championship. Every time they came close something would always screw it up. Chris Mullin was one third of, in my opinion, the greatest back court trio ever, along with Mitch Richmond and Tim Hardaway. He also was able to shoot with either hand even though he is naturally left-handed, which actually threw a lot of defenders off when trying to guard against him. He was announced as being eligible this year for entry into the NBA Hall of Fame along with greats such as John Stockton, David Robinson, and Michael Jordan. I for one hope that the voters remember how good he was and vote him in. Here is a link that can show you in depth all of his stats, which in itself is a great site to find anything you re looking for NBA stat wise.

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