Monday, February 2, 2009

Well this sucks

I was going to do a Heath List on my top 5 Super Bowl commercial picks, but apparently I cant add videos from anywhere on here without downloading it to my computer and then uploading it. That's just a bit too much work for me just to voice an opinion. There were barely any good ones this year anyway. I had to work to find 5 that I really liked. Doritos easily had the best in my opinion. Both of theirs was very funny. The Career Builder one was also hilarious. Bud Lights commercial with Conan O'Brien was their only really good one, all their other ones were trying to be cute and most failed in my opinion. Also got to see some decent movie trailers. Land of the Lost and Year One both looked like they might be worth watching. Transformers 2 of course looked awesome and I missed the GI Joe trailer due to the fact that I was in the bathroom fighting the Nachos I had ate previously. My friend Matt found it online and let me see it later and I have to say that it looked better than I had thought it would, so maybe it wont be complete crap when its is finally released. I was hoping to see a Watchmen and a Wolverine trailer too but apparently they decided not to advertise at the most watched television event of the year. Oh well, I'm still going to go see both.

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