Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Knoxville experience

Its not often I get to go out of town, even if it is just a few hours down the road. A couple of buddies and myself planned a while back to go to Knoxville for the day yesterday. Mainly to go see Watchmen in the IMAX theater down there. I had never before had the IMAX experience and it is something I have been looking forward to for quite a while. We had almost went down to see The Dark Knight last summer but gas prices being what they were, it was just a little too much. Anyway, I got to say that I am ruined on going to the theater up here in good old Johnson City. IMAX is awesome. When you walk in and see that screen it just amazes you. I guessed it was like 48 feet high by 60 feet wide and I was confirmed on the width by the promo announcer before the previews started. I don't know if every IMAX theater is like this, but the one in Knoxville has attendees stationed inside that will take your order and go get you drinks or snacks or whatever and bring it to you at your seat. It was crazy and I cant wait to go back and see another movie in IMAX. Right now the plan is to see the new Star Trek movie down there when it comes out. A very strange thing happened while we were in line to go in. We arrived at the theater about an hour before the movie was slated to start. A line had already formed with one row of people already in and a second row forming. My friends and I got in line in the 2nd row and the row was shut off right behind us so that they could start a third row. Now, there had to be some kind a transporter or something hidden in line in front of us or something. In that hour that we stood in line for the movie, we moved from being against the cutoff at the end of our row to the middle almost front half of the line. The weird part is that NO ONE was being allowed in yet. The lines were not moving! How half of our line disappeared is beyond me. We spent much of the time in line trying to figure out how the people in front of us kept going missing. Anyways, it was a good trip. We got to eat at TGIF which is like the only big name restaurant that doesn't have a location in Johnson City and we spent some time probably one of the best used book and cd stores in the southern region. We Also stopped at a beef jerky outlet on the way down, where I was able to purchase some reindeer jerky and a jar of moonshine jelly. I haven't tried it yet but ill let ya know what its like.

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