Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who watches the Watchmen?

This is a day that I thought would never arrive. I never imagined I would gaze my eyes on the day that I could see this story in a film format. Like many, the original graphic novel to me is one of the best stories period in any format. I have been looking forward to seeing this movie ever since we were first treated to a trailer for it at The Dark Knight. I was also kinda dreading it. I was worried about what the changes would be from the graphic novel to the big screen. Would these changes destroy the original message of the book?

I am very happy to say that the movie version of Watchmen stayed true to the comic. There are some changes, many insignificant and a few very significant and one really monstrous change at the end. In spite of these changes, the story plays out just as well. The message stays the same. What is it worth to get what we need, or want? This message is played out through the movie in the lives of the 6 main characters that the story revolves around and the human race in general. Are we able to sacrifice what is necessary to achieve the greater good? The story also remains in the "gray" area on the subject leaving it up to the viewers, in this case, to decide for themselves.

The story takes place in 1985 in a world where vigilante heroism is outlawed. The apparent murder of former hero The Comedian, begins an investigation that leads to an ultimate climax where our world is in the balance. We see the story unfold through the eyes of 6 heroes, how there lives have been affected by the world around them and what they hope to accomplish. The tale ends with the question of sacrifice and what we do in the face of compromise.

Everyone associated with this movie did tremendous work. Director Zach Snyder really captured the feel of the story. Ive got to give Kudos to all the actors. Malin Akerman, Billy Crudup, Patrick Wilson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Matthew Goode. The top honor goes to Jackie Earl Haley who seemed to be tailor made for the role of sociopath hero Rorschach. No other actor on Earth could have performed that role better.

Watchmen is easily the best "superhero" movie ever. And I use the term "superhero movie" very lightly. It is a very deep, philosophical story that really makes you think and question yourself as well as the characters in the story and their decisions. There are a few things that you should know if you haven't seen this film yet. This movie is R rated. IT has many scenes of intense violence, mature themes, and very provocative sex and nudity, and by nudity I mean both female and male nudity. This is definitely not a kids film. Not all comic based films are for kids. Anyways, I give Watchmen a score on the Heath-meter of 10 out of 10.

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