Sunday, March 22, 2009

Reading List: Shadow's Edge

One of the coolest looking book covers ever in my opinion. I admit is was the very similar artwork on the first book that caught my interest in the first place. Shadow's Edge is the 2nd book of the Night Angle trilogy by Brent Weeks. This is also a pretty hard book to find nowadays. I spent several weeks scouring the bookstores of whatever town I happened to be in trying to locate this book. This book continues the story of Kylar, former city rat (thief) who was trained to be a wetboy (think magic assassin) by the city's greatest wetboy, Durzo Blint. I wont go into detail because I don't want to ruin anything for those of you who might want to check these books out one day. The first book in this series was mainly about Kylar or Azoth as he was called in that book, learning and accepting the fate that he chose for himself. This book has Kylar fighting that fate, trying to decide what he wants in life. All the while, his freinds are at war in the now war torn country of Cenaria and he has to choose whether to accept his role in things or to throw it all away for a simpler life. This series so far has not let me down. There have been some plot points that I wish had been avoided but they have yet to ruin the story for me. There are some very interesting parts of the story yet to be revealed. One thing Mr Weeks does right are his twists. I can mostly guess where the story is headed but I have been continually surprised at several points throughout the first two books. Overall its a decent book, I liked the first one better and I hope the third one is just as good.

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