Sunday, March 15, 2009

Team Fotress 2

Anyone who knows me, knows that first person shooters are just not my kinda game. But ever since I first saw the commercials for Half Life 2 for X-Box 360 that includes the games Portal and Team Fortress 2, my interest was piqued. I have always liked games that leaned more toward cartoony graphics instead of making everything life like. I think that's one reason I may not be able to get into games like Call of Duty that much. A stupid reason I know, but that's who I am. Anyways, I finally purchased this game tonight after my very unsuccessful attempts to locate a drafting table (seriously, if you know someone who has one, let me know). In Team Fortress 2, you choose 1 of 9 different characters to play as, and you can switch on the fly if you want to, and you fight online in matches against other players. I haven't played it too much but what I did play of it, I loved. Its very fast paced and the graphics and sound quality is fantastic. The controls are easy and the voice chat is crystal clear. The only thing that bothered me about the game is that it does have some loading time here and there, and if your team loses a match, you sit and watch while another team takes your place for the next round. But its fun and that's what counts. I guess I wont be wasting all my free time in the future on World of Warcraft, some of it will be on Team Fortress 2.

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