Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Reading List: Superfolks

By Robert Mayer. Superfolks is a breakdown of golden and silver age comics. When Superfolks was first published in the 80s, most heroes were paragons of virtue and villains were the epitome of evil. There was no gray, only terms of black and white. Superfolks came out and helped the change that comics took in the 80s to more darker, less blatantly superficial styles. Superfolks tells the story of Overman, greatest defender of Earth who was born on a distant planet and sent here by his parents as his planet, Cronk, exploded. He follows the basic Superman story line and even has very similar bad guys. After 8 years of his powers on the fritz and being retired, he succumbs to his fantasies of trying to do good again and just in time as a sinister plot years in the making is coming to fruition. Superfolks is seriously one of the best super-hero novels I have read and believe me, I have read quite a few. Its fun, hilarious at times, and features great characterization and is full of twists and turns. While some things can be guessed, I was surprised again and again as I read this book. There is one scene at the end that I feel would have been better left out but that just my opinion. So, you want to read some good superhero action, go check this out Superfolks.

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