Monday, April 6, 2009

What you should be watching

Kings on NBC. I was a little skeptical at first but I decided to try it out for a few episodes. The 2 hour first episode was decent but mostly just setting the groundwork for what the series really is. Based on the biblical story of King David, Kings takes that story and sets into a modern world. Kings has great writing but they do tend to get a bit cheesy at times but it has yet to over ride the story, for me anyway. Kings is also full of political intrigue, and so far has excelled superbly on characterization and plot. Ian McShane was by far the best choice to play the manipulative but hopeful King Silas. The only complaint I have at all with the show, besides the somewhat cheesiness, is that the world in which this story takes place is not different enough. IT seems the only difference between this world and ours are the names of the countries. I hope we see more small changes in the future in this series. Hopefully, the series will continue to be amazing and more people will start watching. You can see Kings every Sunday night at 8 eastern standard time or on or even NBC on demand.

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