Sunday, April 19, 2009

Something different

Most of you guys know that my life is pretty boring. I work 2nd shift, I sleep during the day and the only time I get to hang out with friends is on the weekends. Most of that time is going to movies and such. Well yesterday, my friends and I changed it up a bit. We got to go see Tim Wilson, country comedian extraordinaire, along with the hilarious Stewart Huff. Both did an outstanding job. The only thing is that the theatre, The Paramount in Bristol has the smallest freaking rows I have ever seen in any public forum. It wasn't long after sitting that my legs started to hurt a bit from being cramped up. My friend Matt who is quite taller than me had it a lot worse I'm sure. It was still a great show and it was totally worth it. If you guys ever get a chance to see either Stewart Huff or Tim Wilson you should definitely take the chance.

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