Sunday, June 14, 2009

Its never good to forget

Seeing this film was kind of a last minute decision. A buddy and mine was in Knoxville for the day and decided to catch a movie before we came home. We had both heard some good things about this film so we decided this was the one to see. I wasn't hyped for this film at all. It did look funny in the trailer, but its just another Hollywood cliche movie. A bunch of guys party, cant remember what happened, they learn later how they accomplished all the crazy tasks that seem to have happened the night before and everyone goes home happy with lesson learned. The best movie like this in my opinion is Dude, where's my car? That however is no longer the case. Hangover is downright hilarious from beginning to end. Even though they do give away a lil too much in the trailer for the film, there are still many surprising moments throughout the film. Most of the questions of what happened get answered, some are left for open discussion. One thing I liked in particular is that even with all the stuff that you find out in the movie, its not til the end when you get to see just how crazy their night of partying was. All the actors in this film did great, the main guys have great chemistry together, and are actually believable as 4 friends having a wild night on the town. There are a few too many scenes that feature male nudity of some sort. I could easily do without any of that in any movie. I laughed throughout this movie and I think you will too. I give The Hangover a score on the Heath-meter of 9 out of 10.

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