Saturday, September 27, 2008

Daily Thought

Hey! Gettin ready to turn in here in a bit. I just finished playing World of Warcraft for the day. Here lately I have being running a lot of the PVP battlegrounds. Image above is from Alterac Valley. Thats me on the white cat in the middle there. I had been actually coming down from my WoW induced high over the last month or so. I hit level 70 with my main and was kinda lost on what to do next. I decided to try and get the money needed for my epic flyer, a whopping 5000 gold, but just got tired of slowly gaining gold. So, I tried out the battlegrounds and Im now re-addicted. HA! Only thing are these whiny assholes who start moaning and complaining about how our side is losing or how everybody else sucks. Get over it already, its a freakin game! Its not like youll never have the chance to try again. Its not like you cant play again in about 30 minutes tops. Always everybody else and never themselves.

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